The Cave

Although the plan shows us using the front of the cave to park cars we have a triangular area just outside the wall that we have decided to use to park cars. It has been laid to gravel and spraying it regularly keeps the weeds under control. We have recently planted a couple of trees that we hope will eventually provide some shade for the cars in the full heat of the summer.


The patio now has some reed shades over the top. The full heat of the sun in the summer can be too much to sit in for any length of time so some shade is essential. We added a simple wire support between the telegraph poles and then rolled out some simple reed sheets  which provides enough shade whilst also letting the heat rise up through so as to keep the patio a bit cooler.


Most houses in Spain have “Rejas”, bars on the windows. Although decorative they do serve a security purpose especially for a cave that is a holiday home not permanently occupied. The local metalworker makes them in whatever design you want so we had ours designed to match the gates.

Here’s a photo just to prove that it isn’t always glorious sunshine. We woke up one morning in April to find very dense fog and we could hardly see beyond the track in front of the cave. It didn’t last too long but was a shock the first time we saw it. We are also know that it snows regularly in the winter although we’ve never actually been there to see it.

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