Everything Else

When we bought the cave it was in the knowledge that there was no mains electricity or water. We had hoped to have them but after three years we had pretty much given up on it and had installed a simple solar/generator system but in the way of those things it was not as reliable as just turning on a switch. Imagine our pleasure and surprise when we went out to find this had been built. In that typically Spanish way it took another three years to actually get the power switched on. Our only reservation is that what used to be a very rural area now has small pylons all over it. Fortunately for us there aren’t any in direct sight to spoil the view. The difference it has made to all our neighbours at Cuevas de Lavaderas is great and makes a stay at Cueva de Mama even more relaxing.


As mentioned above we didn’t have mains water but a 2500 litre water deposit on the roof supplies all the water we need. It isn’t a large tank so we need to be careful and not waste water but we have an arrangement with a local farmer who fills it up as and when required. This small building suddenly appeared on the top of the hill behind the cave and upon asking locally we were told it is a pumping house. The first indication we may be getting mains water. We now have the plumbing in place and just wait for it to be switched on. This could be another three year wait of course.

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