Towns & Villages

Just a few words about some of the local villages & towns. Each has its own character and a visit is recommended before deciding on a particular village or area. The link from the town/village name takes you to the Spanish language site for that area.


This historic town is situated at the foot of the Sierra de Baza mountain range which is snow capped during the winter months.

Baza is oozing with history and the old Moorish area made up from the Alcazaba, Medina & Arab neighbourhoods still stand to this day. There are archaeological & historical sites such as Basti which is the remains of a city dating back to the Iberian period , there are also the towns two Necropolis and the Moorish baths.

Modern day Baza has a host of shops, bars and disco's and on a warm summers evening you can wander through the narrow cobbled streets and discover shops and bars you've never seen before - and possibly will never find again.


Only a 10 minute drive to Baza or Cullar both of which join the motorway (A92). Benamaurel is a pretty village perched on a rock formation which is only really visible once you've passed through. As with Huescar, Galera, Castillejar & Baza you will see cave houses in abundance.

The village has breath taking views of the Sierra de Baza, Sierra de Castril and the mountain of Jablacon which is a popular launching point for hang gliders.

A date for the diary is the end of April when the village holds one of the largest Moors & Christians fiesta's in Andalucia there are parades and re-enactments of the battles and it attracts people from all over Spain.

Benamaurel is just a few minutes away from the Embalse de Negratin, Spain's second largest lake measuring 22 kilometres in length, it's the perfect spot to fish, swim or simply admire it's beauty from the shade of the heavily perfumed pine trees

Los Carriones
Los Olivos

These two hamlets sit between Benamaurel and Castillejar. Both have a bar and a convenience store and Los Olivos has a lovely communal swimming pool with lots of trees providing light shade.

If your ideal home is set in absolute peace and tranquility yet just a stones throw from civilisation then pay these hamlets a visit and stop off at one of the bars for a glass of locally produced vino tinto.


Situated just 15 minutes from the town of Baza and the motorway (A92) Castillejar sits on two rivers Barbatas and Guardel, behind the village is a beautiful picnic area where you can relax in the dappled shade of the trees or paddle in the cool clear water of the Guardel.

As with most of the villages in this area Castillejar has a long history particularly regarding it's significant position on the Almeria to Murcia trade route, many battles were fought to gain control of this area.

On a Saturday the old trading days almost come alive as the market winds it's way through the narrow streets offering everything fruit & veg to shoes, there are also plenty of bars and shops to visit.


One of the prettiest villages in the area, Castril perches from a cliff face in typical Andalucian style and it's white washed houses sparkle in the sunshine. At nearly 900 metres above sea level the Summers are hot but and the Winters are quite chilly with the snow capped Sierra de Castril closeby.The village is surrounded by lakes and there are a host of outdoor activities in the area, horse riding, canoeing, camping and rock climbing to name just a few.

The cobbled streets of Castril are lined with potted herbs and as you walk towards the church ( well worth a visit) there's a lovely water feature combining modern and antique elements. A popular tourist spot but wrap up for Winter.

Cortes de Baza

A sleepy village with tree lined avenues, Cortes de Baza has lots of charm and as yet has not really been 'discovered'. Close by are the hamlets of Carramaiza and Las Cucharetas.


The tiny hamlet of Carramiaza is the highest community in the area. This gives it some of the most staggering views around particularly during the Winter when the mountains are snow capped.

Las Cucharetas

Las Cucharetas is just a couple of minutes from the Embalse de Negratin so this area is becoming popular with people looking for holiday homes.


A peaceful village close to the Embalse de Negratin. Freila has a relaxed atmosphere and has maintained it's old world charm. There are several bars and shops to hand and the village has a small British community which will suit many looking for an ex pat area.


Made popular by the Channel 5 holiday home giveaway TV programme the small village of Galera has a long historical background dating back over four thousand years. At one time there was an interior lake and being surrounded by fertile land made this a very popular place to set up home, Galera has had locals since before 2000 BC.There are two archaeological digs just on the edge of the village so if your interests lie in Palaeontology or indeed Archaeology then Galera is definitely worth a visit.

The village is dominated by cave houses carved out of a rising rock formation and these rustically styled dwellings enjoy spectacular views across the flat plains of the Altiplano area. A quaint village offering a relaxed way of life with plenty of bars and fiesta's.


Known as 'Cuidad de la Paz' (City of Peace) . The pretty town of Huescar has much to offer, from the beautiful architecture some of which dates back to the 1500's , to the picturesque valleys, woodland areas and the mountain of de Sagra.

During the long hot Summer months Huescar enjoys many fiesta's and there are a host of street cafés where you can sit and watch the world go by. The town remains unchanged and is typically Andalucian, on Thursdays there is a large market and for the Spanish men it's an opportunity to gather in the main square and have a good natter while their wives go and do the shopping. A relaxed and friendly town equal distance between Murcia and Granada


The village of Zujar is quite sprawling and it's situated close to the Embalse de Negratin which makes it a popular tourist spot.

There are lots of bars, restaurants, disco's and shops so there is little need to venture further than the village for an evenings entertainment although Baza is only a few minutes away. There is a central plaza with street cafés where you can enjoy a drink and this is also where the weekly market is held.

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